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For the past four years, Amaxra has selected multiple charities to support for the holidays and the 2018 holiday season was no different. As before, Amaxra chose with several diverse charities to help during the season of generosity and giving that we wish lasted all year long. Everyone in our office is also glad that we can add our customers’ voices to this activity.

Every year we send a holiday email to our customers with a short survey. We ask our customers to select the charity they want to support and Amaxra then uses the survey results to allocate several thousand dollars to the chosen organizations. It’s data-driven democracy, as we divvy up the charitable contributions according to the voices of our surveyed customers.

Amaxra contributes a total of several thousand dollars which we allocate down to the exact percentage given to each of the charities chosen by our customers because our system uses cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365.

How we get real-time charity numbers

Like many companies, we use Dynamics 365 for customer relationship management (CRM). Because of the tight integration between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Office 365, it is easy for us to create a customized holiday-themed email for our valued customers that our consultants can send via Outlook using the integrated ClickDimensions – an integrated marketing automation tool that works with Dynamics 365. The CRM functions of Dynamics 365 automatically match the customer with the consultant who owns the relationship. Using the marketing automation features in Dynamics 365 enables us to attach the cloud-powered survey to each email.

It all comes together when our customers receive the email and tick a box next to the name of the charity they want to support in the survey. As long as the customer is connected to the internet, the Amaxra CRM database is automatically updated in real time with each customers’ selection.

For example, one of the more popular charities that our customers pick in the online survey is Homeward Pet Adoption Center, a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter serving the greater Seattle area. Homeward Pets was also on our list of charity options last year, and we made the determination to have them on our list again thanks to the data in our CRM gathered from our survey. Dynamics 365 has excellent reporting and analytics tools that enable Amaxra to view historical trends on our holiday giving campaign. These stats provide visibility into what our customers’ care about, which helps Amaxra as a company be more connected with the wants and needs of our clients.

Trending toward kindness

Although we like using technology to help us manage our annual holiday giving program and track its success, what we love about the holidays is this opportunity to engage with our customers and give back to the community. Amaxra holiday emails with the 2018 giving survey are on their way to our customers and this year we’re thrilled to partner with five excellent charities:

If you’re an Amaxra customer, thank you for trusting us for your consulting needs in 2018 and we wish you a happy and prosperous 2019. If you’re not an Amaxra customer but are curious about our charitable giving and how we use Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions to successfully manage our programs, contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

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