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A CRM + Office 365 Is Your Business Hub

The difference between a CRM that makes little impact on your business and one that makes a huge impact? The planning, configuration, and process modeling. Amaxra helps you implement the right-sized CRM for your company, and helps with adjustments as your needs change. But what’s more, everything is cloud-based — meaning your CRM works for you wherever you are.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Mid-to-large Organizations

Benefit 01

Secure and Scalable

The Microsoft cloud infrastructure means that Dynamics 365 is both secure and scalable with your business as it grows, without interruptions.

Benefit 02

Holistic View Of Prospects, Customers, And Partners

Get a complete overview of all your contacts, regardless of what type of device you’re using to access the system.

Benefit 03

AI-Powered Workflows

Automate processes and workflow management to coordinate people and work efficiently and effectively, reducing administrative tasks and keeping operations consistent.

Benefit 04

Integrates With Microsoft 365 + Business Apps

Connect Office 365 apps your team already uses to Dynamics to help them make faster and more accurate data-driven decisions.

Benefit 05

Marketing Automation

Extend your Microsoft Dynamics 365 experience with ClickDimensions, a marketing solution that provides campaign automation as well as holistic marketing tools — such as surveys, reporting, lead scoring, and more — to make connecting with customers easier than ever.

Benefit 06

Document Automation

Amaxra provides complete solutions to reduce the manual tasks in document creation as much as possible with automation. This saves you time, increases your efficiency, and eliminates the tedious task of crating the same documents over and over again.

Benefit 07

Storage Management

Relying on Dynamics 365 alone for storage can get expensive very quickly. Amaxra recommends complementary document storage solutions that fit your needs and better manage your budget.

Benefit 08

Attachment Extractor

Reduce storage costs by moving attachments and email content to SharePoint or AzureBlob with AttachmentExtractor. Features like archiving of documents, black list for spamming lists (Sharepoint), and dynamic creation of structured library ensure seamless integration into any platform.

Benefit 09

Workflow Automation

Documents Core Pack helps you automate your document workflow, from creating and processing documents to generating personalized proposals. Our advanced generation feature set makes it easy to create highly customized proposals without any manual intervention or customization.

Small Business? Choose Nimble CRM

Without a CRM, people tend to work in silos, causing communication breakdowns that lead to bad customer service and this will happen in smaller businesses as well as larger ones.

Nimble is a powerful CRM that can work right inside your Outlook inbox or in a browser. It takes your contacts, calendars, and emails and integrates them with your Office 365 environment, providing a holistic view of all your communications and how they associate with your different contacts. It also lets you easily view your tasks and deliverables within a customizable dashboard view. It’s the perfect tool for small businesses that want to simplify their workflows and enhance their customer relationships. And if you find you need more capabilities then Nimble is the perfect stepping stone to a system such as Microsoft's Dynamics 365.



Enhance Your Workspace With These Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Value Adds

ClickDimensions/Marketing Automation

As a powerful and scalable marketing automation tool that enhances Microsoft Dynamics 365, ClickDimensions helps you effectively measure the ROI behind your marketing campaigns, including email analysis, landing pages, social media posts, and more.


With the Zap Objects suite through Amaxra, you can add more capability to your Dynamics 365 environment including helpdesk management, better viewing of attachments, an email parser, and many more functions that are not available natively within Dynamics 365. Contact us for a demo of this powerful suite of add-ons.



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