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Microsoft Office 365 is used by nearly one million companies in the United States. And this is only one of the products that Microsoft offers.

The process of choosing and purchasing Microsoft software can be complicated because of the variety of its products and services. It can also be costly if you don’t know what you are getting into.

However, there’s a better way to purchase Microsoft software for your business, and (for starters):

  1. Eliminate the cost of unnecessary features you don’t need
  2. Reduce the cost of redundant components when buying licenses for multiple employees
  3. Customize your purchasing options based on your company’s requirements
  4. Get the support and training you need

Microsoft Volume Licensing is a more personalized, more efficient, cheaper, and hassle-free way to obtain Microsoft licensing for multiple software.

Before you call your IT manager and ask him to make the purchase, read this blog to understand the benefits, challenges, licensing models, and available solutions for Microsoft Volume Licensing.

What is Microsoft Volume Licensing?

Microsoft Volume Licensing is a way to acquire software licenses in bulk for multiple computers within a single organization. Through volume licensing, you can obtain multiple licenses without purchasing separate software media, documentation, or other packaging items for every single license.

Such a bulk purchase helps reduce the average cost for every Microsoft license installed.

To understand how this helps and whether you should consider it, let’s compare it with the other ways you can acquire Microsoft licensing.

What is Microsoft Volume Licensing


Parameter OEM FPP Microsoft Volume Licensing
License Type Software comes preinstalled with the purchase of the hardware Software comes in a physical box that includes installation media, documentation, and license activation key Software licenses are purchased in bulk, without the software media and documentation accompanying every individual license
Purchasing the license Preinstalled on the device Purchased from retailers Purchased from resellers
Proof of ownership To prove ownership, you must keep the original receipt, media/manuals, and the COA (Certificate of Authenticity) To prove ownership, you must keep the original receipt, media/manuals, and the COA Every license transaction is recorded in an online database called Microsoft License Statement
Product portfolio Limited Nearly all business-oriented products Nearly all business-oriented products
Best for Users who need very limited Microsoft products Users who need fewer than 5 licenses Business owners
Downgrade rights No No Yes
Re-imaging rights No No Yes
Software assurance No No Yes

The difference between purchasing Microsoft licenses as individual products vs. getting it through volume licensing is like having a Netflix subscription vs. purchasing a DVD for every movie you want to watch.

Through Netflix, you can use a single password (or license key) to gain access to multiple movies (or licenses) on any device instead of having to pay for a different DVD (or an FPP) for every movie you want to watch.

You don’t need to remember where you kept the original DVD to watch the movie (or prove your ownership of the license).

It’s cheaper, more efficient, and hassle-free.

Benefits of Volume Licensing Microsoft

Benefits of Volume Licensing

Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of Microsoft Volume Licensing.

1. Cost-effective

Buying separate licenses for every user or device will result in unnecessarily high – and often unpredictable – expenses.

When you centralize the software purchases for your organization, you can benefit from reduced bulk pricing without paying individually for installation, operation, and maintenance costs.

2. Flexible pricing options

Volume licensing offers more flexible payment options – you can choose the pricing option that suits your needs, in terms of:

  • Length of agreement
  • Number of devices
  • Optional add-ons
  • Payment method

Basically, no one’s forcing you to pay for anything you don’t want!

3. Easier to manage

Rely on your licensing expert such as Amaxra to find the best license types that suit your business needs.

Spend less time researching and understanding the differences between licenses.

And if you need extra assistance with anything related to your license, a certified Microsoft Volume Licensing reseller (like us!) is always on hand to sort your issues out.

4. Best for remote working

Research says that 25% of professional jobs in the US will be remote by the end of 2022. Companies have to adopt practices that support working away from the office. Access to cloud-based software licenses that can be used anytime, anywhere is a key solution.

5. Software Assurance

Software Assurance is an included benefit of Microsoft Volume Licensing and offers services and benefits that help boost your organization’s productivity. This includes services such as 24×7 technical support, technical training, exclusive rights, and upgrading licenses to the latest Microsoft software releases.

6. Training and support provided

Since bulk licensing is obtained through a certified reseller like Amaxara, acquiring your licenses through volume licensing will ensure that you have a dedicated executive helping you in your experience.

While it’s great for you to know the benefits of volume licensing, it is a Microsoft volume licensing reseller’s job to ensure that you get the best deal and to make sure you make the most of these benefits.

So if you want to let the experts do their thing while you focus on yours, you know where to go.

Challenges of Microsoft Volume Licensing

Like all solutions, volume licensing comes with many challenges.

Although they’re nothing you should be too worried about; it’s always a good idea to be aware of what you’re getting into.

  • Modification of licensing terms: With constantly evolving products and developments, Microsoft modifies licensing terms from time to time. Existing customers may find the transition complicated when this happens, and there may be exceptions for some products and regions.
  • Lack of a global licensing program: Since Microsoft has a decentralized culture, employees in different divisions have the autonomy to make their own decisions. This sometimes results in Microsoft product licenses having varied prices in different countries due to various financial or technical factors. Similarly, licenses are governed by different sets of rules depending on the country.

Due to challenges like this, buying volume licensing for a multinational workforce may seem complicated, even if they are under the same agreement.

  • Paying more than you need because you don’t know the rules: Those who are not familiar with the rules or unsure of the best route sometimes pay more than they need. Microsoft occasionally conducts software audits to ensure that its customers follow licensing rules. Some business owners may not fully understand these regulations, so they purchase extra licenses to cover their bases – sometimes unnecessarily, leading to additional costs.

We must mention that challenges regarding Microsoft Volume Licensing are not absolute but vary based on where you obtain your licenses since there are multiple Microsoft Volume Licensing resellers.

If volume licensing seems like the right fit for you, but it also seems a complicated and intimidating task, don’t worry. There are people whose lives depend on simplifying it for you.

(Okay, maybe not their lives, but livelihoods for sure.)

Microsoft Licensing Models

Microsoft volume licensing models

There are two types of Microsoft licensing models for all software and IT purchases: perpetual and subscription licensing. The key differences between the two are the payment cycle and duration of ownership of the software.

  1. Perpetual licensing: This is the older way of doing business – when the customer pays an upfront, lump-sum price for lifelong access to the software.
  2. Subscription licensing: In this model, customers pay a recurring monthly or annual subscription fee to use the product.

There is a clear winner among the two licensing models for business owners. Here’s a handy comparison table.

  Perpetual Licensing Subscription Licensing
  • You own the software
  • Indefinite use of the software, even if the owner goes out of business
  • Doesn’t require Wi-Fi to operate
  • Lower upfront cost
  • Easier to maintain, as the software vendor handles the maintenance and upgrades
  • Can be used on any device that has internet access
  • Higher upfront cost
  • You need to backup your database
  • You need to be responsible for upgrades and maintenance
  • Software updates may hamper performance
  • No direct ownership of the software and data
  • Can’t continue using software if the supplier goes out of business

Subscription licensing is the preferred one among business owners, due to its low upfront costs, flexibility, and easier access to software upgrades and maintenance.

Microsoft Volume Licensing Pricing

So, we’ve finally reached the section you’ve probably wondered about.

Unfortunately, it’s not as straightforward as listing down different prices. The price you pay for your Microsoft Volume Licensing subscription will vary based on factors such as:

  • The combination of Microsoft products you need licenses for
  • Where you buy your software licenses
  • The size of your business

Due to these factors, there is no average Microsoft Volume Licensing pricing that works for everyone. But that’s the reason this is important.

To ensure you’re paying the best possible price for your software licensing requirements, you need to pay close attention to which type of licensing option you choose and which Microsoft Volume Licensing reseller you buy the license from.

If you choose the right reseller, you don’t even have to worry about the licensing option. A Microsoft Volume Licensing reseller will recommend the right plan for you, keep you updated on benefits, offers, and discounts, and negotiate a suitable price for you.

If you want to know more about the pricing options for your business, you can get in touch with a certified Microsoft Volume Licensing reseller.

Microsoft Licensing Support & Solutions

Let’s talk about where you can get a Microsoft volume license and why you need to choose the correct option.

(You wouldn’t just buy a product without knowing which shop sells it at the best price, has the best quality, and offers the best after-sales services, right?)

Volume Licensing Service Center

The Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)is a tool for managing and accessing your Microsoft license keys and products.

It serves as a dashboard where you can access all your licensing information and agreements, review the status of newly purchased licenses, and activate your Software Assurance. You can log in to the Volume Licensing Service Center using your organization’s registered email address.

However, the VLSC only supports managing existing licenses and does not help you purchase volume licensing plans. Volume Licensing Partners primarily sell Microsoft Volume Licensing.

Certified Microsoft Volume Licensing partners

Volume licenses can be obtained through authorized Microsoft Volume Licensing resellers. Certified Microsoft Partners make it easier for you to find and choose the right volume licensing option for your business. Additionally, they will support you in installing, upgrading, and maintaining the program.

Microsoft’s licensing agreements are constantly changing, and even when they aren’t, understanding the licensing concepts requires extensive expertise.

A volume licensing reseller such as Amaxra (that us!) can help you navigate multiple technical and legal formalities and make the most suitable choices.

Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a Microsoft reseller as your partner in buying a licensing agreement from Microsoft:


  • Ensures you only pay for what you need by thoroughly analyzing your software requirements
  • Offers competitive pricing options and flexible payment options
  • Makes sure you have the right documentation in place for compliance checks and safeguard you from legal trouble
  • Evaluates your current software license inventory and redeploy licenses you didn’t even know you had


  • You’ll have to pay a small fee

How to purchase Microsoft Volume Licensing from resellers

This is the easy part.

You need to contact a Microsoft Volume Licensing reseller such as Amaxra and tell them that you need a volume license agreement.

You may have to answer questions such as how many employees you have, what products you need, etc. They’ll analyze your requirements and present you with a suitable licensing option and a price quote.

Amaxra consultants have the relevant expertise and experience to provide technical support throughout your engagement with Microsoft licenses. We can help you:

  • Optimize your current Microsoft licenses
  • Adapt your licenses to meet your company’s changing needs
  • Stay on top of updates and discounts

You don’t have to go through the confusing matrix of customer service websites and complex tables. You need to give us a call, and we’ll figure out the rest for you.

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Microsoft Volume Licensing FAQs

Microsoft Volume Licensing FAQs

“Who are Microsoft Volume Licensing resellers?”

Microsoft Volume Licensing resellers are authorized Microsoft Partners that help organizations purchase Microsoft licenses tailored to their needs. They also offer ongoing after-sales training and support.

Amaxra is a Microsoft Authorized Partner that offers all Microsoft Volume Licensing options provided by Microsoft for businesses that wish to buy or optimize their use of Microsoft licenses.

“Who should buy Microsoft Volume Licensing?”

Microsoft Volume Licensing is suitable for organizations of all sizes – from multinationals to small businesses – that need more than five licenses.

Suppose you are looking for an efficient, affordable, and flexible way to purchase Microsoft licenses for all devices in your organization while also enjoying constant support and training. In that case, it is the right fit for you!

“Why should I buy Microsoft Volume Licensing instead of a Fully Packaged Product (FPP)? ”

Buying a separate license for every new user can get expensive since an FPP includes additional items such as documentation, packaging, and software installation media that you may not need along with every purchase.

Acquiring licenses in volume can help you considerably cut down on such redundant costs.

Simplify your Microsoft Volume Licensing purchase with Amaxra

For businesses operating in the 21st century, Microsoft Volume Licensing is the best choice.

If you are a sole proprietor or a small business, Amaxra can help you choose the optimal volume license to fit your operations. We will guide you through the entire process and provide after-sales support.

Equip your business with the right tools. Contact us to get started.

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