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Efficient communication and collaboration are paramount for modern businesses. As a business owner, tools that boost productivity and streamline operations provide the best return on investment. Enter Microsoft Outlook Copilot. In this article, we'll delve into what Outlook Copilot is, its key features, and the many benefits it brings to businesses.

What Is Outlook Copilot?

What Is Outlook Copilot

Outlook Copilot is an AI-powered assistant that is integrated seamlessly within Microsoft Outlook. Its primary goal is to enhance user experience by automating repetitive tasks, organizing emails, and facilitating collaboration. Think of it as your personal assistant for email management.

Key Features of Outlook Copilot

Key Features of Outlook Copilot

Outlook Copilot can help you stay on top of your inbox and create impactful communication in a fraction of the time. Some key features of Copilot Outlook that your business can use to increase productivity are described in the table below:



Email organization assistance

Outlook Copilot uses AI to categorize and organize your emails, ensuring that important messages are highlighted while less important ones are neatly tucked away.

Time management tools

With integrated calendars and reminders, Copilot in Outlook helps you manage your time more effectively, ensuring you never miss an appointment or deadline.

Collaboration support

Outlook Copilot streamlines team communication by suggesting shared files, tracking project updates, and scheduling meetings based on participants’ availability.

Priority sorting

No more sifting through a sea of emails. Outlook Copilot sorts your emails based on priority, ensuring that the most important messages are always at the top.

Smart recommendations

Using AI, Outlook for Copilot offers suggestions for quick replies, follow-ups, and even attachment recommendations, making your email interactions swift and efficient.

Benefits of Using Outlook Copilot

Benefits of Using Outlook Copilot

Microsoft’s AI-powered Outlook Copilot is a powerful tool that can help employees manage emails more efficiently and collaborate more effectively with colleagues and clients.

Here are five key benefits of using Outlook Copilot:

  1. Improved email organization: Say goodbye to cluttered inboxes. With Copilot for Outlook, your emails are organized, categorized, and easy to navigate. You can quickly find the emails you need without having to sift through hundreds of messages.
  2. Enhanced productivity: With smart recommendations and priority sorting, you spend less time managing emails and more time focusing on what truly matters. Copilot learns from your email habits and suggests ways to optimize your workflow.
  3. Reduced email overload: Outlook Copilot ensures that only the most relevant emails capture your attention, reducing the stress of an overflowing inbox. You can set up rules to automatically filter unwanted emails and prioritize important messages.
  4. Effective collaboration: With tools designed to enhance team communication, Outlook Copilot ensures that collaboration is smooth, efficient, and effective. You can easily share calendars, schedule meetings, and collaborate on documents.
  5. Time savings: Outlook Copilot saves you precious hours every week by automating repetitive tasks and offering smart suggestions. You can focus on growing your business.

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How to Get Started with Outlook Copilot

Microsoft Outlook Copilot can help business owners streamline their operations and enhance productivity. However, using Microsoft Copilot has five prerequisites that must be met before your organization can start with this powerful AI tool:

  1. Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise: Ensure that Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise are deployed in your organization. You must have either a Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 license to use Outlook Copilot, as none of the Microsoft 365 Business licenses are compatible with Outlook.
  2. Microsoft Entra ID: All users should have Microsoft Entra ID accounts (previously known as Azure Active Directory accounts).
  3. Microsoft OneDrive: Some Copilot features like file restores and OneDrive management, necessitate that users have a OneDrive account.
  4. Microsoft Outlook: It seems obvious, but the Copilot AI is designed to work with the new versions of Outlook for both Windows and Mac. Users can easily switch to this new version by selecting "Try the new Outlook" in their existing Outlook client.
  5. Fast Internet access: Because Copilot's AI features depend on the cloud, all Outlook Copilot users must have good network connectivity to ensure quick and accurate AI responses.

Note that a separate license for Microsoft 365 Copilot is required for each user. The $30 per user licensing fee covers not just the Copilot in Outlook but every Microsoft 365 app (e.g., Copilot will be integrated into Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Excel, and all other Microsoft 365 apps used by employees).

An Overview of Microsoft Copilot and Outlook Copilot's Role

An Overview of Microsoft Copilot and Outlook Copilot's Role

While the names might sound similar, these are two distinct tools. As a business owner, you're always looking for ways to improve your productivity and efficiency. That's where AI-powered tools like Microsoft Copilot and Outlook Copilot come in. But which one is right for your business?

Here's a quick comparison of the two tools:

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered digital assistant integrated into the productivity apps in Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise plans. Copilot combines the power of Microsoft’s secure cloud infrastructure, your organization’s data, and large language model (LLM) technology to enhance employee productivity.

Microsoft Copilot is ideal for anyone who uses Microsoft 365 apps for their work. It can help you save time by automating time-consuming tasks like writing meeting summaries in Teams or drafting documents in Microsoft Word.

Benefits for Businesses

Microsoft Copilot can help businesses enhance their productivity, improve personal creativity, and reduce training costs because it already works with the Microsoft 365 apps employees are using.

Outlook Copilot

Outlook Copilot is an AI-powered assistant that helps you manage your email more efficiently. It can summarize received emails, suggest replies based on the context of the email, and help you schedule meetings when everyone is available to avoid time conflicts.

Outlook Copilot is ideal for business professionals who spend a lot of time in their email inboxes. It can help you save time and focus on more important tasks.

Benefits for Businesses

Outlook Copilot can help businesses improve employee productivity, reduce communication silos, and streamline workflows.

So, if you're a small business owner, you may want to consider both tools. Microsoft Copilot can help you develop your own custom software solutions, while Copilot for Outlook can help your employees save time and be more productive.

Here are some specific examples of how Microsoft Copilot and Outlook Copilot can benefit your business:

  • Microsoft Copilot can help you develop a custom website or ecommerce platform for your business. It can also help you develop custom software to automate your business processes.
  • Outlook Copilot can help your sales team manage their leads and follow up with customers more efficiently. It can also help your customer support team resolve customer issues more quickly.


Overall, both Microsoft Copilot and Outlook Copilot are powerful tools that can help businesses improve their productivity and efficiency. To learn how your business can be a vanguard in the AI-powered productivity revolution, contact Amaxra for a free consultation with one of our Microsoft experts.

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